What is Branding?


The term branding gets thrown around quite often amongst small businesses and creatives. Everyone has their own idea or definition of what branding is, which is completely fine but, exactly what is it?

When most people think of branding, 9 times out of 10 they’re going to think….logo. Confusing a logo with solely being your brand is very common but let’s be clear, branding is not simply your logo. It’s definitely a huge part of your brand however, stopping there misses the whole purpose of what a brand is supposed to be.

Many components go into building a cohesive brand such as: your website, marketing materials, packaging, business cards, the tone/voice of your business, the terminology you use, the experience you provide, and yes your logo. All of these components have very important roles. What gears all of this is, you. You are your brand. Well, what does that mean?


It means, you are your brand. A brand is a reflection of your business a.k.a you. How you appear to your target audience is very important. Your appearance can either help you grow or stay stagnant within your business.

How do you want your brand to reflect your business’s character and portray who you are? Do you want to be seen as a professional or as someone who doesn’t care about the quality of their service or business? Do you want to come across as fun and witty, or chill and laid back?  Appearance is everything when it comes to business. No matter what vibe you choose your business to display, the main goal is to always put your best foot forward.


For instance, when you go on a first date with someone, you look and dress the part. You pay close attention to all of the little details that go into looking and sounding your best because, you ultimately want to make a lasting impression. You want your date to only have great things to say about you. Well the same thing applies to your brand.

Every little detail matters. So when you are thinking about your brand, don’t just think, logo. Think about every aspect of your brand and use all of these components to communicate how you want people to see your brand.



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