Why Good Photography is Vital for Your Brand

Last week we talked about what branding is and how it is more than just your logo (see previous post). This week we’re going to talk about why good photography is vital for your brand.

When it comes to marketing anything, quality plays a huge factor in whether or not a customer is going to buy from you or use your services. Marketing is all about communicating your value to potential clients/customers. Unfortunately, many small businesses or entrepreneurs miss the importance of how the right styling, lighting, and consistency of good photography can help tell not only their brand story but also convey a higher quality in their brand for their viewers.


The majority of us are visual people. Everything in our culture screams visual. The photos that you choose to represent you and your brand is the first point of contact that your audience is going to judge you by. Don’t you want them to be impressed the first time they come across your business? I know I do.

So here’s a list of 3 reasons why good photography is vital for your brand.

1. Good Photography Gets Your Audience Attention
Good marketing photos are more likely to engage your audience and lead to more sales. When your images stand out, chances are, you’re going to have more customers/clients filling up your inbox because they like what they see. You want to display your product or service in the best way possible because once your customers are intrigued, they’re going to want to know more about your story, your products, and ultimately want to make a purchase.


2. Good Photography Builds Trust/Credibility With Your Audience

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kept scrolling past someone’s Instagram page or clicked off someone’s website if they had poor quality images. Poorly shot images decrease the value and originality of your brand because, to your audience it looks as though you don’t take yourself seriously and labels you as unprofessional. It also could be attracting the wrong audience unintentionally. Presentation matters. In order for people to trust you and your business, you have to look the part and be the part. You want your customers to connect with your brand and increase business opportunities, not scare them away. It’s simple, the better the presentation the more trust/credibility you build.


3. Good Photography Helps Your Social Media Platforms Be More Effective
Social media is just as important as your website. This is where your audience is the most active and where you should be also. Your social media presence will sometimes draw more traffic to your business than your website so you want to make sure images are just as good there as well.


Photography is more than just a press of a button. When thinking about the brand of your business, really consider making that investment in hiring a professional photographer for your business needs. It’ll make a world of a difference in the long run.


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