What I do

Hi there!  So glad you stopped by. I’m Mercede, Savannah based lifestyle photographer and blogger. If I had to sum up what I do in one sentence it would go something like this:
Creating brand and marketing images for the purpose of your business is something I absolutely love to do. Good branding plays a huge role in your success and as your photographer, my job is to help you share your message about products and services that you put your heart and soul into. Not only do I want to inspire people to try out your services or products but I genuinely want to see you succeed in your business. Let me help you make your dreams a reality!
(Photo Credit: Photography by Laporte)
We’re a good fit if:
* You create products/services that are high quality and you put your heart and soul into them.
* You want to have aesthetic inspiring images to represent what you do via your website and social media.
* You want to be seen as a professional, attract new clients, and earn more money.
*You understand how important good photography is for your branding but it’s something you can’t achieve on your own.
*You want your business to inspire people and improve their lives.
* You don’t have time to learn how to take high quality images yourself.

If you’re wondering whether I can help you grow your business or your blog, you can find everything in detail in Work with me page or feel free to read my client reviews. Want to see more of my work? Take a look at my portfolio here.

I also write a blog about things I that I enjoy and that inspire me. Click here to see more.